08 Tips for Rewiring an Old House in London

London is one of the world’s biggest financial center and one of the most expensive European cities. It is home to many strong buildings, constructed years ago, much more before technology came and re-invented our daily lives. With new types of equipment like computers, blenders, TV’s and refrigerators there is a need to do work in terms of rewiring an old house.

With every new device that was invented a new space or new wiring was required. Electricity is something which is important and requires regular maintenance at regular intervals. The older the construction of the building the more critical is rewiring.

As per the industry experts, people who are top electricians have shared a list of things to consider when doing rewiring of a home.

  1. Make a list of the devices that you use and those which you might use in the future. Based on your pieces of equipment the electrical system needs to be designed and relevant fitments need to be done. A design at the initial stage will make your work much easier later.
  2. Check out the local codes and permits. The codes help you to decide the number of outlets and connections that can be done in one particular room. In case of issues in permits, it can result in halting of the work.
  3. The modern wiring system is pretty flexible it encompasses a lot of factors apart from electricals like data, fire, and security as well. Decide to opt this at the initial stage only for a cost-effective solution.
  4. Create a detailed action plan, based on the list created by you. Prioritize the list as per the sequence of work and share it with the electrician.
  5. Ensure that the electrician does a thorough study of the wiring unit and system along with the panel box. The initial stage of the project is the time when all small and big issues should be discussed.
  6. Look for the existing setups like plumbing or any other wiring. These should be identified at the initial stage to avoid any accidents and disturbance in initial setups.
  7. Check how comfortable is your electrician with older buildings. Experience in handling wiring of the older building complex is an added advantage.
  8. Keep the essence alive of the building. Use switchboards and other hardware such that it matches the appearance and feel of the building.

While rewiring, it is important to know, to what extent you want to damage/change the structure. A complete remodeling is an easy option, however, if you want specific parts to retain the look then you need to mention it at the initial stage. Time invested for this at the initial stage would lead to cost saving at a later stage and avoid rework.

When you are giving the electrician a walk-through in your home make it a point the places that are not to be touched. A simple hole/drill at a wrong place can cause major issues and accident. Often it has been observed that one of the most common mistakes done by electricians, is that they try to change every single wiring available. Ask the electrician to have a proper look on what can be restored and reused before demolishing everything.

Rewiring though is important it is important to judge and understand it’s extent. There are houses which have been constructed in the 1920’s and still have good working wiring and electrical systems.

In case you have an old house and are thinking of rewiring it, talk to us. We at RE Electrical have the required skill sets to provide rewiring services. Our team is dedicated to doing the best for you after proper study and survey of the property. We ensure that our clients get the best of services and there are no mishaps during the event.

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