Common home Electrical Wiring Problems and Solutions

Electrical accidents are fatal and life-threatening. Often the cause can’t be identified beforehand but it is important to keep a check on the same. Issues pertaining to Electrical Wiring related problems is the most common reason for accidents. The wiring which is open, lose or broken causes irreparable damage to the device and property.

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Overlamping means when a light fixture has a bulb with a higher wattage than the fixture is designed for. With time wiring inside many houses become out of date, straining to supply our ever-growing collection of electricity-hungry appliances, lighting, and electronics.

The signs of strain can be seen in a tangle of extension cords and power strips sprouting from a single outlet—or lurking unseen behind walls, ceilings, and cover plates.

Some wiring problems are just inconveniences. But others can pose serious fire or electrocution hazards. If you’ve never had your wiring inspected, it’s a good idea to hire a licensed electrician to give your home a thorough going-over. The electrician will look at the insulation on the wires to see if it’s fraying, post inspection will suggest necessary changes. Flicking Lights:

In the event of the storm or high-speed winds, often flickering lights are experienced. This is mostly due to an open or loose wiring which causes a short whenever the cable move.  Initially, it might be just an annoyance but it might also lead to the major accident due to fire.

It is best advised to call an electrician, who is trained and skilled. He would identify and resolve the correct issue for you.

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Heavy reliance on extension cords and power strips. Adding more outlets at the strategic location would be a smart investment. A little of structural work would be involved but it is worth the effort.

Ideally, when you are buying a house or commercial property you should check for all the possible power outlets. This would help you in keeping the cost low.

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Over wired panels contain more circuits than they are rated to handle and hence are prone to increased risk of electrocution in the wet areas.

When you see some such panel, get an electrician on priority and get it checked.

Power Surges:

Power surges can be deadly to sensitive electronic equipment. Surges can happen when the power company makes changes to the main grid or, more commonly, when you power off an appliance such as an air conditioner that uses a lot of power.

You can protect your equipment from power company surges and lightning strikes by hiring an electrician to install a panel-mounted surge suppressor, and you can protect individual outlets with plug-in suppressors. It’s a good practice to identify safe circuits — those that power no large appliances — and reserve those for electronic equipment.

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