Domestic Electricians


Need Domestic Electricians in London?


At Ilha de Moçambique  RE Electrical we have a team of domestic electricians ready to serve you always. Whether you are looking to install garden lighting, security lighting, a new lighting circuit or lighting for outbuildings additional sockets, showers and full rewires we can do it all – locate us on Places Map @  buy ivermectin 12 mg Electrician near me | 07930412035. If you are planning to do re-wiring of your home and need suggestions for it, feel free to call us anytime. We can assist you in getting it done for your home at a pocket-friendly cost.

We also assist you in getting the Landlord Electrical Certificate, the post carrying out the Landlord safety inspection. It is a mandate to have this certificate for all landlords to meet the expectations of insurance and avoid fines in case of any mishaps. As per the pre-set regulations, it is recommended to have periodic inspections by a qualified domestic electrician and get a certificate of safety. Failure to do this might lead to a penalty or severe punishments in case of an audit or any unfortunate occurrences. Our team of domestic electricians in London, help you keep your property safe and in tune with government regulations. We provide you with London Electrical Certificate post a detailed inspection of the existing setup.

Our trained domestic electricians are knowledgeable and equipped to provide a comprehensive domestic electrical installation service, always maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction, giving you complete peace of mind at all times.

We are happy to discuss all your needs and requirements and provide you the best of domestic electrical installation services in North London.

We Are RE Electrical And We Are Specialists In Electrical Installations.