Effective lighting tips for your home!

Are you thinking of changing the electrical lighting of your home? Well whatever the reason behind the thought is, it sure is a tedious task. You might be thinking about it due to technical issues faced or out of the necessity to change the way your home looks or it might be a part of your rewiring your electrical equipment. You need to plan it well and accurately.

To help you plan effectively the lighting system of your home we are happy to share some tips with you. The first step is to divide your house into 3 light zones and plan is based on them.
General/Ambient Lighting: It is the overall lighting of the home, through natural resources. It is the main part of the home and ensures that there is an optimal use of natural light. While planning you should take advantage of the sections that are well-lit. For bigger rooms, you might need to change some of the fixtures in the ceiling. Natural sunlight streaming through your living room and the kitchen is a great way to begin the day.

Task or Accent lighting: Identify the key tasks and relevant areas like chopping, studying, reading and relaxing that you do. Plan your lights with these areas in mind to ensure that your daily chores are not affected and there is seamless continuity. For example, ensure there is additional lighting in your living room at the location you would like to read. In the kitchen, the focus light should be near the wash-basin or cabinet to help you search for things.

Feature lighting: These are light that acts as the decorative pieces to enhance particular corners of your home. A chandelier that showcases suits your taste of modern or ancient designs or a lamp enhancing the cozy corner of your living room. These lights are ornaments that are used to enhance the overall lighting of your home at the same time ensuring that your house has the fancy touch.
Now that you have identified the three main types of lighting you can now move towards the next step.

A comprehensive checklist to help you plan better.
● Budget: Light fitments come in a variety of range. You can over-indulge yourself to avoid this you need to decide on a budget and work for it.
● Colour of Light: Decide the colour of lighting that you would like to have in your home.
White, yellow or a mix of both. If you are using LED’s they come in various colours, shapes, sizes and watts.
● Colour Temperature: LED’s have their owned heat emission and hence might increase the temperature of your room and surroundings. When you buy a light be sure to check its colour temperature. The lesser the colour temperature the warmer the light.
● Vendor Selection: The most crucial part is to select the proper vendor for getting the task done. A skilled electrician in London is what you need. When it comes to providing electrical services in London there are many vendors in the business. However, you need to find someone who is trusted, reliable and available to you always.
● Cost: Before you decide on the vendor it is advisable to compare quotes and pricing policy. Some electricians charge per hour, some by work. You should properly analyze your work and decide on the pricing structure that you would like to follow. A detailed discussion with the vendor should be done to understand what happens in case of any new requirements or change in work.

Lighting tips for your home

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