Portable Appliance Testing

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Undertaking Professional PAT services for clients

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We provide PAT services for your domestic as well as commercial properties – Find us Today @ Electrician near me | 07930412035. Our qualified electricians are fully aware of the rules and regulations and we provide you with an in-depth result of the portable appliance testing, to help you meet all the safety rules and regulations. We work along with you to understand the electrical workings of your business.

What Is PAT? Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the process of examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. It is recommended for all business which involves human interaction. It is a mandate to ensure that all pieces of equipment are functioning properly and there are no damages to life and property due to failure in electrical devices or wiring.

Find us today @ Electrician near me | 07930412035

Any business large or small scale dealing with the public is required to have their electrical equipment tested. Also included are schools, libraries, clinics, restaurants, bars, hospitals, public office organizations and individual traders like landlords, mobile hairdressers, photographers and so on.

How much does a PAT process cost? Our rates are very competitive as compared to others. For the convenience of our clients, we can also test equipment in the evenings or weekends. No matter what your business activity we can provide you the best and cost-effective PAT service. Our current client base consists of schools, colleges, hair salons, office blocks, landlords, workshops, restaurants, and many more. So, whether you have 20 or 2,000 items to PAT Test, we have the skills and resources to do it. Talk to us today to ensure that your business equipment’s are in-line with PAT standards.

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