Tips to prevent Electrical Hazard and ensure safety

Research has indicated that almost half of the domestic fires in London are due to electrical issues. Most of these are caused due to failure in electrical devices, products or due to some misuse of them. These accidents at times can be fatal and cause damage to life and property. You should be alert and in keep a watch on any electrical hazard near you. With your alertness and quick action you can avoid

Let’s take a look at the tips that can help you be aware of the electrical hazard surrounding you.

These are good to know and remember tips, that might come useful anytime and anywhere,

Hire a licensed electrician:

When you start working on your house, ensure that you have a hired a reliable electrician with a valid license. Ensure that the electrician is available always and can provide reliable after sales service and support.

Switch off all appliances:

In case of any sign of an electrical hazard, you should immediately switch off all the appliances from the main source of power. This is to ensure that there is no damage to the electronic devices of the home.

All appliances should also be unplugged before any further work is done on the same.

Take care of your Do it Yourself (DIY):

We all have a  DIY  reference source. Though it is good to have a little knowledge and being able to handle minor electrical issues. You should try and judge when to seek for professional electrical help for your electrical hazard.

Avoid any modifications of plug and power point: When thinking of rewiring or setting up of a new electronic device, try and use the existing available power source.  Preferably avoid any new wiring or full new work. Check for source of any damages if any.

Remain vigilant in your home:

Keep yourself alert and aware of your surrounding. Ensure that there are no lose wirings and open power supply source.

Water and electricity don’t mix well together: Yes, water and electricity don’t go well together, so you need to ensure that the power unit has no contact with the water. This is very important as constant water on power unit can cause irrecoverable damage.

Use RCD (Residual Current Device):

Attach RCD to your fuse box or individual power sources. RCD’s are life -saving devices that switch the electricity off automatically if there is an electrical hazard.

Manage load:

Don’t overload your electrical adaptors by plugging too many appliances into one socket, especially those with a high electrical current rating such as kettles, irons, and heaters. While planning the power layout you should take care that sockets are distributed all across the home evenly. No one room should have all the power utilizing sockets.

Keep Combustible things away: In case you are using a portable heater to keep warm, keep it away from flammable materials like papers, curtains, and furniture. You should never use one to dry your clothes as it is highly combustible. Especially, during the nighttime as when you are asleep.

Clean your oven:

Clean your oven and hob regularly and always clear spillages immediately to avoid a build-up of food debris and fat. This might cause a fire hazard and lead to accidents.

Periodic Checks:

Like your personal health, one should ensure that you periodically perform checks for your electrical supply and electrical devices.

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