Why Do You Need to Consider Re-Wiring Your Property?


In 2006, Amendment 2 of 17th Edition BS7671 Wiring Regulations saw a change to harmonies UK colors with European colors to avoid confusion and maintain consistency.

It is important that all the properties should get their wiring checked, whether they are outdated or deteriorated over time and they should follow the BS7671 Wiring regulation. Still, properties rely on old wiring, which could be dangerous, and should get tested. Old cables are due to either property could be old and not been tested or monitored yet or people are not aware of the concept that your property wiring should comply with wiring regulation. So it is always suggested to replace the old cables to new cables to avoid an accident and it is a good practice to follow wiring regulations to maintain the health of wires and the property.

What color code does electrical wiring follow in the UK?

What is this concept Old Vs new wiring?

Wels Old Color  knee-deep New Color
Neutral black Blue
Line red Brown
Earth Yellow & Green

If you are moving to a new place or getting the renovation done always get your property tested, as old wiring could lead to accident or mishap. Timely checking maintains the integrity of the cables and avoids any kind of accident, as it is old and unreliable.

It is important to monitor the cables of the properties, if in doubt, however, consult a professional – do not place yourself at unnecessary risk by unscrewing electrical wiring to review the wiring yourself, it is always suggested to get it tested by a professional electrical service provider, RE Electrical is also specialized in electrical rewiring in North, East and West London. Professionals would monitor the condition, the sheath of the cables and check if the old wiring is leading any negative impact on the circuit board or the property. The average lifespan of a cable is approximately around 30-40 years and will deteriorate over time. So it is always advisable to check the conditions of the cables.

We recommend if this applies to you, that you contact an electrician immediately for a full rewiring of the property. Insulation and sheathing can get deteriorated due to age, due to exposure to sunlight or excessive temperature and overloading. The wires could break easily or get crumble away and break. They become very dry with no flexibility and insulation. TRS cable and lead-sheathed cables deteriorate over time as they are rubber insulated. Lead sheathing is still used in some older properties and could be gradually deteriorating without you knowing.

Just in case, if you spot lead sheath cable, don’t hesitate to call an electrician immediately for safety.

From the 1960s onwards, PVC insulated sheathing is the most common form of sheathing. However, you can still find TRS and lead-sheathed cables in old properties today. If your electrical appliances trip regularly or find burning smell or if you get a mild shock when touching a light, in such a situation don’t hesitate to take assistance from a professional electrician.

Get your property checked once too and make sure that cables should comply with the current standard set by BS7671 Wiring Regulations and if any fault is getting it tested and repaired.

If you are looking for a friendly, professional and reliable electrician in North, East and West London, RE Electrical is there to help you, we will come and check the property with no obligation cost.

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