My friendly support team is available to assist with all of your electrical needs and electrical emergencies 24h a day.

RE Electrical Services
– General and Emergency Electrician in London

As a qualified electrician based in London, I offer quality services. RE Electrical – For over 20 years I’ve provided North London with domestic and commercial services including homeowner certificates, electrical contracts, rewiring, bespoke electrical, and smart home installations. So, whatever you need, I’ve got you covered! My electricity service operates across North London. I now comprehensively cover the following locations:



I can do all electrical work, fuse box inspections, troubleshooting and much more. I’m fully qualified to carry out all types of home and commercial electrical work from a new plug to the full or partial rewiring of your entire home of office. My working hours are 7a.m. to 6 p.m. with standard rates / For all work carried out after working hours or emergencies visit my rates page.

I leave the sites clean and tidy after my work is concluded. If you own or run a business, visit my Business Electricity page for more information. Need an emergency electrician in London? You can find me on your map OR browser device by searching for Emergency Electrician London | You can also reach us 24/7 on 07930412035


As a certified NICEIC electrician, I can carry out test inspections, diagnostics and troubleshooting of electrical systems, complying with all the latest requirements and regulations to ensure that your work is carried out to the highest standards. Using the latest fault-finding equipment enables me to repair faults quickly. After the inspection, I’ll provide a detailed report of any failures and advice for repair work. But that’s not all, I can also provide an electrical inspection report for lessors.


As a licensed electrician, I can install, expand and upgrade all parts of your electrical systems including circuit breakers, circuit boards, grounding ports, wiring inside distribution boards, switchboards fuses, structured cables and transformers. I carry out installations and replacements of new light fixtures and switches and I’m able to design and install new lighting systems in domestic and commercial premises.

Once I’ve completed the work, I will issue you with an Electrical Installation Certificate to confirm that the work complies with the wiring requirements of British Standard BS 7671.


An old fuse box is inevitably accompanied by old wiring, none of which is ideal for the demands of modern life. With an ever-increasing number of appliances and electronics in the home, the voltage of an older system makes it far less safe than a modern fuse box.

A quick fix is ​​to install a new fuse box, which will be much more sensitive than an older model, breaking in a fraction of a second and fast enough to prevent electric shock, breaking a circuit before anything serious happens. Get in touch if you think your home’s electrical system needs attention.


Quotes are generally non-billable, but some may incur charges depending on the nature of the work and the time and location of the appointment. If you were to continue the work, any costs invoiced for the estimate will be deducted from the final invoice.


Materials and parts supplied by RE Electrical will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or warranty. This generally guarantees the replacement or repair of the defective goods within a fixed period which is generally 12 months. Warranties are legally enforceable and details on how to file a claim should be clearly included. This is in addition to your rights as a buyer, which should be clarified in the warranty.


For your peace of mind, I guarantee most of my work against manufacturing defects for 12 months. Due to the nature of some work or repairs, such as drainage blocks, I’m unable to provide the 12-month labour warranty. This will be clearly indicated on your invoice. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or your merchant.



What qualification does RE Electrician have?

RE Electrician is NICEIC approved, fully qualified city and work to British Standards BS 7671

How can I tell if I need a rewire?

If you have an older property that hasn’t been tested for a few years it would be worth considering having it inspected periodically, warning signs that you may need rewiring may be light shaking of the switches and outlets, tripped or damaged fusesor exposed and worn wire, in which casecontact a qualified electrician.